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The faster payments experience for your independent workers

No ‘early pay’ gimmicks. 1099 payments should be instant for your workers, keep your business compliant, and priced transparently for all.

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Why choose Gig Wage

The fast-to-launch, innovative way to pay your independent talent.

Dedicated 1099 solution for independent workforces.

Stay tax compliant with built-in 1099 filing and distribution.

Feel safer with our bank-level accuracy and fraud protection.

How you can use Gig Wage to pay your 1099-workforce instantly.

All payments made with Gig Wage comply with our anti-fraud protocol.

1. Manage

Onboard and verify your independent workforce (W-9 collection) into Gig Wage.

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2. Pay

Contractors receive payment notifications and connect a debit card or bank account.

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3. Support

See who’s been paid and what 1099 tax forms are ready to be filed.

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For Developers

Embed 1099-Payroll with our modern API.

Design, build, and launch your own 1099-payroll and compliance experience for your marketplace or business.

"Gig Wage’s product stands out from the competition. We have not seen another company that is focused on payroll and banking solely for the gig economy."

Herb Coakley, CEO

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