1099 Contractor Payroll

Comparing legacy payroll providers to Gig Wage is like comparing the Post Office to Amazon. There is no comparison.

Automated Payouts

Sending payments takes seconds, whether you're paying ten contractors or ten thousand.

Payment Tracking

Payment status alerts give both companies and contractors transparency in real-time, any time.


Collecting W-9 info upfront helps avoid IRS penalties. Gigwage keeps the W-9 info updated.

Modern Payroll Management

Today’s contract worker doesn’t want payments that take 3-7 business days.

They want instant, same day and next day payments, they want real time insights into their payment status, details and history.

They want flexibility, optionality and mobility in their payment to take how they get paid with them from job to job and from task to task.


The Gig Economy is dynamic. There are no one size fits all solutions.

Every contractor powered business operates uniquely, Gig Wage can mirror and streamline your workflow.

Out of the box Gig Wage gives you easy payroll infrastructure. Allow your contractors to self-onboard and self-manage their payment information through our contractor portal.

  • Dashboard with full tracking and reporting.

  • Payment tracking, confirmation, and notifications.

  • Easily handle line items and reimbursements

  • Contractor user management

  • Make single or batch payments

  • Import or Invite Contractors

  • Customer Support via chat, email and phone.

  • Scheduled payments and autopilot coming soon