Developer API - Build with Gig Wage

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Integrate Fast, Flexible Contractor Payroll and Payments into Your Platform

Developers and integration specialists across various platforms use the Gig Wage API to integrate instant on-demand 1099 payment capabilities directly into their software applications.


Quick & Easy

Basic integrations w/ just one API call and Gig Wage handles the rest.

Customize to Suit Needs

Take your integration deeper to customize the right experience for your users.

Maintain Compliance & Security

Gig Wage helps you maintain contractor separation and enables 1099 data tracking, issuance, and filing.

Easy API. All the Options You Need.

Our contractor payroll API sits on a robust set of payment technologies that includes bank accounts, crypto accounts, the ACH network, and the Visa & MasterCard network for instant payments.

This infrastructure, along with our automated KYC/AML processes, enable you to quickly integrate powerful payments capabilities into your platform.

Start building now.