Flexible Payment Technology

Multiple payment options for your unique business.

Payment Options:

Take advantage of different payout speeds to accommodate cash flow needs. Two-day, next-day, same-day or instant payments.

Offer direct deposit or push to debit depending on what your contractors need.

  • Instant payments to any Visa or Mastercard debit cards.

  • Same-Day Payments

  • Next-Day Direct Deposits

  • Standard Two Day Direct Deposits.

  • For even more flexibility set your business up with an FDIC Insured Gig Wage Bank Account.

  • Cash payment pickup and crypto options coming soon


We’ve got a few new options for same-day / instant payouts that don’t rely on pre-funding your account.

  • Same day payouts without pre funding the account (make a payment in the morning and it pushes to debit in the afternoon.)

  • Accounts Receivable functionality for collecting funds directly to your Gig Wage bank account for instant payout to contractors.