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Maximize your 1099 initiatives with industry expertise, specialized tools, and priority support.

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No need to be a gig expert. We’ll show you how to innovate, cut costs, and thrive in the gig economy.

Tailored for your business

Customized pricing, integrated contractor communication, and revenue share.


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gig talent success

Get your gig talent paid 2-5 days sooner. No loans or cash advances needed. All powered by instant payments with access to earnings 24/7/365.


The strategic investment for your business

1.57 billion gig workers globally

Source: TechJury

90 million US gig workers by 2028

Source: Exploding Topics

Gig Economy GDP worth ~$4.5 trillion

Source: SIA

The premium choice. Built to scale.

All-In-One Gig Economy Solution: Software, Payments, Compliance, API Access, and Expert Consulting.

GigWage is natively designed for businesses managing 500+ gig payments.

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Gig Wage’s magic? You get cutting edge fintech combined with a team of gig economy experts to support you at every stage of your company's transition to the Independent Era™.

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Business Teams

Manage the entire 'gig-cycle' with Gig Wage. Launch fast. Scale confidently. Innovate and win.

GigForce Management

We give you access to the most comprehensive offering on the market.

Independent Talent

Deliver a modern gig experience with self-service onboarding and live support from our team.

"Gig Wage’s product stands out from the competition. We have not seen another company that is focused on payroll and banking solely for the gig economy."

Herb Coakley, CEO