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The GigForce
Management Platform

What if businesses had complete control over the 1099 talent experience?
What would it do for talent retention, operational excellence, for work itself?

Gig Wage helps innovative brands make the gig economy their business.

Businesses should have dedicated technology, strategies, and processes for paying independent (1099) contractors."

Craig J. Lewis
Founder & CEO, Gig Wage

How Gig Wage helps your business thrive in the
Independent Era™

All powered by instant payments allowing gig talent access to their earnings 24/7/365.

Automate contractor onboarding.

Personalize invites and W-9 onboarding to guide new workers to their earnings. Shrink the amount of time it takes to pay your entire 1099-workforce.

Simplify contractor payments.

Use instant payments, direct to your workers' own bank accounts, to encourage repeat work and champion income stability.

Streamline contractor compliance.

Get operational excellence with accounting friendly 1099 tax drafting and filing. Distribute digital or paper versions to your workers effortlessly.

For Developers

Embed 1099-Payroll with our modern API.

Design, build, and launch your own 1099-payroll and compliance experience for your marketplace or business.

350+ businesses trust Gig Wage to pay & manage 400,000+ contractors millions of dollars.

"We have not seen another company like Gig Wage that is solely focused on payroll and banking for the gig economy."

Herb Coakley, CEO & Co-Founder

"Gig Wage has everything we need. Payments and now the addition of 1099 tax documentation for the IRS.”

Jordan Campbell, VP of Marketing

"Switching to Gig Wage shrunk our payment processing time internally by about 50%."

Andrew Simmons, CEO

"We looked and were so frustrated with the options out there. We are so thankful for Gig Wage."

Chess at Three
Jon Sieber, CEO

Expert, friendly support – right when you need it.

For your business AND your contractors – that's one less thing to worry about.
✅ Live chat + email support

Dedicated customer service from a real US-based payroll expert 5 days a week. You’ll never be alone to figure out payment errors or anything else that comes your way. Need FAQs? We've got a whole library.

✅ Free 1099-payroll analysis session

Paying over 500 contractors? Need to increase your cashflow? One of our product specialists will personally help you get Gig Wage up and running.

✅ 1:1 gig economy coaching

You’ll have access to our 1099-payroll experts who can show you what’s working and what's not. It’s like having your own guide anytime you need one.


New Study Reveals Gig Workers Need Unique Benefits to Reduce Financial Challenges.

Research collaboration by Commonwealth, Green Dot, Gig Wage, and Steady focuses on which financial tools and resources can help reduce impact of income volatility among gig workers.