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Leading Outsourced Customer Experience Provider Scales On-Demand Staffing Program with Gig Wage

August 3, 2023

The US’s #1 fastest-growing BPO provider has been at the forefront of delivering top-notch remote customer interactions for businesses since 2016.

Operating on a national scale, they excel in ensuring clients benefit from high-quality services, eliminating the intricacies of in-house support systems.

As this company expanded its services to larger and larger clients across industries, they faced challenges in managing their vast, rapidly growing pool of remote CX talent.

Key challenges included:

  • Their legacy payroll vendor lacked innovation for their gig economy strategy.
  • Ensuring automated, accurate on-demand worker payouts.
  • No capabilities in addressing gig payment-related queries and concerns from their tens of thousands of independent contractors.

Their mission was clear: Find a robust, cost-effective solution that would streamline the 1099 payment process, enhance contractor satisfaction, reduce administrative burdens, and provide deeper insights into their talent operations.

The gig-centric partner for innovative CX enterprises

To tackle these challenges, the company rolled out a 1099 payroll program, specifically crafted for their on-demand workforces.

The benefits realized included:

  • Comprehensive automation for 1099 payroll processes, ensuring prompt and accurate contractor compensation.
  • A streamlined 1099 onboarding system inclusive of W9 collection, TIN Verification, and secure banking connection.
  • Customized payroll schedule, maintaining consistent operational cadence – including instant payouts to debit cards.
  • US-based support for the businesses HR admins and pool of independent talent, ensuring quick resolutions to issues via chat and email, with additional phone support for unique cases.
  • A flexible infrastructure ready to scale as per the company's evolving needs and access to a premium network of select partner offerings such as wellness and tax filing solutions.

The collaboration resulted in operational brilliance. The company drastically reduced time spent on 1099 payment processes, redirecting resources to core business objectives. The system's accuracy ensured a drastic reduction in payment discrepancies.

Furthermore, by emphasizing contractor relations, they achieved quicker support response times. This led to a notable increase in contractor satisfaction, reinforcing their commitment to the firm.

The adaptability of the platform stood out, seamlessly accommodating the company's swift growth, ensuring operational efficiency remained uncompromised.

"This led to a notable increase in contractor satisfaction, reinforcing their commitment to the firm."

In their ongoing growth trajectory, the firm maintains a large remote workforce, continuously refining operational dynamics and helpijg their clients succeed in a volatile labor market.

Partnering with Gig Wage – the premium 1099 solution – has solidified their position as a leading customer support provider in the industry.

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