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Gig Wage Joins Forces with Keeper: Saving 1099 Workers Time and Money on Their Taxes

December 27, 2023

Streamline 1099 tax-filing and expense management with confidence and keep your financial integrity safeguarded.

Gig Wage, renowned for its groundbreaking solutions in GigForce Management, is delighted to announce a new alliance with Keeper, a tax-filing and expense management product built for 1099 earners.

Why is this collaboration crucial, and why now?

Each year around 40 million Americans overpay their taxes by an average of $1200.

Now, imagine a world where managing taxes is not just a necessity but a seamless, enjoyable experience.

Throughout any given year, 1099 workers, freelancers, and small businesses engage in countless transactions related to their work. From delivering packages to customer service, tutoring students, and more.

Independent contractors are integral to our daily lives, smoothing our routines, and powering the gig economy. But when it comes to 1099 taxes, how can we ensure efficiency and simplicity?​​

This partnership is more than just about simplifying 1099 taxes; it's about instilling confidence and ease in tax management, and it’s about giving back time and cost savings to the American workers who need it most.

Paul Koullick, CEO & Co-founder at Keeper, remarks:

"We’re thrilled to partner with Gig Wage because we know this segment of the American workforce really struggles with their taxes because their needs haven’t been met by traditional tax softwares like TurboTax and H&R Block. The Gig Wage + Keeper combination will dramatically improve the tax filing experience for those who take advantage of it."

Taxes, reimagined.

  • Automatic tax write-off detection – maximize your tax savings in seconds.
  • Personalized tax filing with expert guidance – tailored to your unique financial situation.
  • Hidden tax breaks uncovered – using advanced algorithms to find commonly-missed tax savings.
  • Get hours of your time back – no more form-filling, no more hours of meticulous bookkeeping.
  • Comprehensive income support – perfect for 1099, W-2, and hundreds of other income types and credits.
  • Nationwide coverage – IRS approved e-file & all 50 states.

The game-changing impact of this alliance

The gig economy is the present and future, a complex network of services and talents. In this dynamic environment, efficient and user-friendly tax filing is now table stakes.

Keeper brings purpose-built expertise in 1099 tax filing and expense management, simplifying the often complex 1099 filing process.

Combined with Gig Wage’s deep understanding of gig economy dynamics, this partnership results in a powerful synergy that enhances the 1099 tax filing experience​​.

Clarisa Lindenmeyer, Chief of Staff, Office of the CEO at Gig Wage, commented:

"Partnering with Keeper is not just a strategic move; it's a commitment to our promise to support the Independent Era with the infrastructure they deserve. We are signaling to our customers and users that 1099 tax filing should be comprehensive yet quick. This initiative ensures that every gig worker can save money while filing taxes accurately and securely."

Consider this: What if 1099 tax filing could be faster, more secure, and more efficient without unnecessary complications? 

This collaboration offers Gig Wage users a solution that anticipates challenges, provides accurate answers, and ensures that every aspect of tax management adds value to your business.

This partnership offers a blend of speed, precision, and thoroughness. With our combined expertise, 1099 talent can confidently handle their taxes, backed by a comprehensive set of tools and strategies​​.

For businesses looking to support their independent contractors - we’ll help you bring Keeper to your 1099 talent pool – contact us to learn more.

Gig Wage users get 40% off Keeper's $192/year retail price – get started with Keeper here.