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This Quiz Will Determine How Much Gig Workers Can Save With Pay-As-You-Go Healthcare

May 30, 2023

Now, more than ever, gig workers need to know how to optimize their health care costs.

Discovering personalized savings is essential for managing your health care expenses effectively.

For the first time, VURV Health – a Gig Wage partner – is offering a quick quiz that delivers instant tailored recommendations, helping you save on your health care costs.

This approach has been successfully implemented for a growing number of independent workers, across various industries.

Since launch, 9 out of 10 respondents discovered VURV Health recommendations were right for them.

VURV Health conducts a Health Care Cost Savings Quiz to provide users with customized advice on reducing health care expenses. This three-step process takes inputs from your health care needs, lifestyle choices, and budget to provide a comprehensive analysis of your potential savings. You'll walk away knowing the efficiency of your health care spending and where you can make significant cost improvements.

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Step one: assessing your health insurance coverage

Ensuring that you have adequate health insurance coverage is a fundamental aspect of maintaining your well-being. In this section, you'll see questions related to health insurance to help you evaluate your current coverage. 

  • The first question asks whether you currently have health insurance, which serves as the foundation for your healthcare needs.
  • The second question focuses on whether you hit your deductible last year, which helps determine your out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Finally, we explore whether you have coverage for specific healthcare services, enabling you to understand the extent of your insurance benefits. 

By answering these questions, you can gain valuable insights into the scope and effectiveness of your health insurance coverage.

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Step two: evaluating medical care affordability

Affordability plays a crucial role in accessing the right medical care. This section has questions about the financial aspect of healthcare, enabling you to evaluate your ability to afford medical services.

  • The first two questions inquire about any past delays in seeking medical care due to cost concerns, shedding light on the impact of financial considerations on your health decisions.
  • The third question focuses on telehealth appointments, asking about the typical cost you incurred last year, which is particularly relevant in the context of remote healthcare services.
  • Additionally, we ask about regular prescriptions and eyewear expenses, as they contribute significantly to your overall healthcare costs.

By understanding the true financial cost of medical care, you can make informed decisions about prioritizing your health needs and exploring potential cost-saving options.

Within a few minutes you'll learn if pay-as-you-go healthcare services are right for you

Step three: exploring health and wellness services

Apart from health insurance coverage and affordability, attending to various health and wellness services is essential for your overall well-being. 

This section asks questions that delve into different aspects of healthcare services beyond insurance and costs.

  • We start by learning about any ongoing serious or critical illnesses and the presence of a Primary Care Physician, highlighting the importance of continuity of care. 
  • Next, you tell us the co-pay associated with primary care visits, providing insights into the expenses you might expect for routine medical consultations. 
  • Then, we ask about any healthcare savings programs you may have today, as they can contribute to reducing your overall healthcare expenses.
  • Mental health services are also a significant part of holistic well-being, and we assess your interest in utilizing such services within the next year.
  • Lastly, we inquire about regular prescription needs and the use of glasses or contact lenses, recognizing their impact on your daily health management.

By exploring these health and wellness services, you can gain a total understanding of the different parts of healthcare beyond insurance coverage and affordability.

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Understand your healthcare needs with intelligent recommendations

It’s free to access the full Health Care Cost Savings Quiz, and you can take it as many times as you like. You can also learn more about how VURV Health can assist you in managing your health care costs effectively.

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Transform your health care experience and unlock cost-saving breakthroughs with VURV Health - the platform that empowers you to take control of your health care expenses. 

Trusted by countless users, Gig Wage’s VURV Health partnership provides tailored recommendations and a wallet-friendly plan to help you achieve the best possible health care outcomes within your budget.