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Independent Era™ Roundup – Episode 7

September 13, 2023

Thanks for reading. Welcome to the Independent Era™ Roundup.

Each episode, we share the things you absolutely need to know about the gig economy and modern talent—from industry news and media analysis to labor trends and customer insights—you’ll learn why the gig economy is transforming work culture. You can also find (subscribe to) this feed on the Gig Wage LinkedIn page.

Let’s dig in.

🎉 Gig Wage cheers Lyft's Women+ Connect launch

(From Lyft)

“Women+ Connect is all about providing more women and nonbinary people the opportunity to earn money on their terms and giving riders more choice,” said Lyft CEO David Risher. “We hope this gives millions of drivers and riders another reason to choose Lyft.”

Lyft's new Women+ Connect feature is a game-changer in the gig economy, putting the focus squarely on inclusivity and safety. At Gig Wage, we're excited by such innovations that give participants greater control and choice.

Lyft's initiative isn't just about safety—it's about building unity and camaraderie among drivers. It's a reminder for all of us in the industry to continually prioritize the well-being and preferences of our community.

Full story: Lyft Launches Women+ Connect

📈 World Bank weighs in: gig economy's surge

(From Staffing Industry Analysts)

“While gig work is creating new work opportunities, it comes with significant challenges”

The recent findings by the World Bank spotlight the astounding growth and potential of the online gig economy, which now possibly encompasses up to 435 million global workers. For Gig Wage, this indicates the vast scope and evolving nature of our industry. The very fact that a significant percentage of online gig workers come from developing nations underlines the democratizing power of this economic shift, offering opportunities across borders.

This growth makes it crucial to address the persistent challenges within the gig ecosystem. The discrepancies highlighted—like internet access limitations and wage gaps—reiterate the need for industry leaders, like Gig Wage, to continuously innovate and advocate for inclusivity and fair practices. In partnership with platforms and governments, there's potential to harness this expansive workforce, ensuring sustainable, equitable growth for all stakeholders.

Full story: World bank estimates there are 435 million online gig workers globally

Banks can harness AI-driven tax insights for tailored financial solutions to serve the gig economy.

🏆 Tax insights: banks' key to gig economy gold

(From april AI-powered tax software)

"By embedding tax data, banks gain a holistic understanding of gig workers’ financial patterns, enabling them to create tailored financial products. Embracing tax insights lets institutions delve deeper into the gig economy, securing their place in its promising future."

The gig economy is an unmissable market segment for financial institutions. Yet, many banks grapple with how to best serve this new workforce's unique needs. Enter tax insights.

By embedding tax data, banks gain a holistic understanding of gig workers’ financial patterns, enabling them to create tailored financial products ranging from dynamic retirement plans to adaptable lending models.

These tools not only assist in addressing gig workers' fluctuating income, but also position banks as indispensable allies in their financial journeys. Embracing tax insights let's institutions delve deeper into the gig economy, securing their place in its promising future.

Full story: A slice of a new pie: how banks can leverage tax to get a slice of the gig economy

🚕 Uber's new play: ‘Chore’, tasking beyond rides?

(Sarah Kearns for Hypebeast)

"Uber engineers are working on a new service called 'Chore,' potentially enabling users to hire 'taskers' for specific tasks, mirroring the TaskRabbit model."

Uber, renowned for its ride-sharing and delivery services, is potentially venturing into a new domain: task-based services. A discovery in the Uber app for iOS hints at an upcoming feature named "Chore." Reminiscent of TaskRabbit's model, this service would allow users to hire individuals for specific tasks. Details remain under wraps, and Uber's commitment to launching this service publicly is still uncertain.

As the gig economy diversifies, it's no surprise Uber wants a slice of the task-oriented pie. "Chore" could revolutionize how we delegate daily errands. But with competition like TaskRabbit already established, will Uber's prowess in rideshare translate to task domination? Only time will tell.

Full story: Uber Is Reportedly Working on a Service Similar to TaskRabbit

📞 Omni Interactions on gig work's future calling

(Patricia Arcilla for Outsource Accelerator interviewing Courtney Meyers, co-CEO of Omni Interactions)

“The reality of a gig worker is that they are their own small business, so they want to make the most out of their time or their logging hours.”

Omni Interactions is emblematic of the evolving work landscape. Their rapid growth during the pandemic underscores the agile nature of the gig economy and its potential to reshape traditional business processes. As companies like Omni Interactions continue to harness gig workers in specialized roles, it may just redefine the future of outsourcing and customer service.

Full story: Scaling The Gig Economy For Enterprise Contact Solutions – with Courtney Meyers of Omni Interactions


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