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Independent Era™ Roundup – Episode 3

August 15, 2023

Welcome to the Independent Era™ Roundup. Each episode, we share the things you absolutely need to know about the gig economy and modern talent—from industry news and media analysis to labor trends and customer insights—you’ll learn why the gig economy is transforming work culture. You can also find (subscribe to) this feed on the Gig Wage LinkedIn page.

CFOs = Gig Economy Visionaries

Excerpt from an article by Tina Dimitrova for Bain Capital Ventures.

“As finance teams become more commercial and multi-faceted, they become the connective tissue across an organization. Catering to HR, legal, procurement, GTM, product and engineering users so they can provide inputs and synthesize the outputs of financial data will better enable CFOs’ evolving role.”

The CFO evolution parallels the gig economy's rise: from mere financial gatekeepers post-Enron to today's data-driven strategists. Modern businesses must see CFOs as commercial visionaries, navigating flexible workforces and shifting financial landscapes. Their new “CXO” prowess highlights the urgency to adapt in our gig-centric world.

Full story: Next-Gen CFOs Need Next-Gen Tools to Power Their Organizations

Gig Health: Benefits Breakthrough?

Excerpt from an article by Gig Wage and VURV Health.

“Access to affordable, convenient health care options is a problem for independent workers. Even basic services remain elusive for many. VURV Health solves this by providing health care savings and transparent pricing for common wellness issues.”

VURV Health, in partnership with Gig Wage, offers a Health Care Cost Savings Quiz to help gig workers optimize health care expenses. The quiz provides tailored recommendations based on individual health insurance, medical affordability, and wellness services. Over 90% of users found VURV Health's advice suitable. Workers enjoy a Gig Wage discount upon signing up.

Full story: This Quiz Will Determine How Much Gig Workers Can Save With Pay-As-You-Go Healthcare

Disrupt, Share, Evolve: The Gig Economy

Excerpt from an article by Ben Laker for Forbes.

“Evidently, as the sharing economy continues to evolve, it will transform traditional economic modes across multiple industries. It will also create a new wave of opportunities for participants in the gig economy and increase access to goods and services that may have otherwise been out of reach.”

In a world where 'own less, live more' is the chant, the sharing economy is reshaping leadership and consumption. While giants like Uber and Airbnb spearhead this movement, emerging platforms democratize access. But as the sector burgeons, leaders must grapple with regulatory hurdles and the crucial debate over gig worker rights.

That said, this is an example of a story that gig economy insiders are growing tired of:

Full story: Redefining Leadership: The Rise And Evolution Of The Sharing Economy

Gig Economy’s Double-Take on PayPal's Leadership Shuffle

Excerpt from an article by Ashley Capoot for CNBC.

“PayPal's new CEO will be Alex Chriss, the executive who runs the small business and self-employed group at Intuit, members of PayPal's board announced Monday.”

Alex Chriss's ascent as PayPal's CEO has the gig economy's attention. With Intuit (and its serious legacy payroll) roots, he brings hope for a more gig-friendly platform. But as freelancers diversify payment methods, seeking dedicated solutions and swifter transactions, Chriss faces a challenge: adapt PayPal to evolving gig demands or risk losing relevance.

Full story: Intuit's Alex Chriss named new PayPal CEO

Healthcare Gig Work: Where's the Ethics?

Excerpt from an article by Amy Dellinger for Times of San Diego.

"While this model brings flexibility, it also raises an alarming trend of worker misclassification. This misclassification can have profound implications for individuals, businesses, and the broader community. This is especially true in our healthcare industry, which venture capitalists have seized as a significant opportunity to address critical worker shortages by developing new healthcare staffing apps. Healthcare is an intricate field that demands workers to operate under stringent protocols. It’s a delicate balance that clashes with the ‘be-your-own-boss’ narrative that is so attractive to independent contractors."

The gig economy's infiltration into healthcare amplifies worker misclassification risks. While app-based staffing brings efficiency, the delicate nature of healthcare juxtaposes the free-agent narrative. As demand for healthcare soars, it's pivotal for the sector to reconcile tech advantages with legal implications. Efficiency shouldn't compromise workers' rights.

Full story: Misclassifying Workers a Growing Problem as Gig Economy Comes to Healthcare


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