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Juneteenth: A Reflection from Gig Wage's Black Founder

June 19, 2023

On Juneteenth, we spotlight the journey towards diversity in technology, exemplified by Craig J. Lewis, the Black Founder and CEO of Gig Wage, whose success embodies this historical day of emancipation and progress.

Juneteenth, a day commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, holds immense cultural and historical significance in the United States.

This annual celebration, observed on June 19th, not only serves as a reminder of the struggle for freedom and equality, but also highlights the importance of recognizing the achievements and contributions of Black individuals in various fields.

In the realm of technology, the presence of a Black founder in a prominent tech company is a testament to the progress made towards inclusivity and diversity. It serves as a beacon of inspiration and opportunity, showcasing the transformative power of representation.

“Being from Texas, Juneteenth has always been special to me and my family. And as a Dallas based company, Gig Wage continues to celebrate all the things that June 19th stands for: evolution, opportunity, diversity, inclusion and excellence." - Craig J. Lewis, Founder and CEO of Gig Wage 

We reflect to look forward

Juneteenth symbolizes the momentous occasion when news of the Emancipation Proclamation finally reached enslaved African Americans in 1865, two years after its signing.

It is a time for reflection on the enduring legacy of slavery, honoring the resilience of those who fought for liberation, and recognizing the ongoing pursuit of racial equality. By observing Juneteenth, we come together to learn from history and strive for a more inclusive and just society.

The presence of a Black founder challenges stereotypes, defies racial barriers, and demonstrates that innovation and success transcend ethnic backgrounds.

A Black founder brings a unique perspective, inspiring aspiring entrepreneurs from underrepresented communities and serving as a role model for breaking down barriers. Their achievements underscore the importance of equal opportunities and remind us that talent knows no boundaries.

Talent and innovation are not confined to one race but can thrive when given equal opportunities. By embracing diversity, creating inclusive environments, and recognizing the power of representation, we can build a future where everyone has an equal chance to succeed and shape the landscape of technology.

What it means at Gig Wage

At Gig Wage we are proud not only to have a diverse workforce but to be led by our founder and CEO Craig J. Lewis whose barrier breaking path serves as a model of the progress made since June 19, 1865 and the trailblazing work to be done still ahead. 

The entrepreneurial spark in Lewis is fueled by a sense of legacy. "My driving force is Legacy creation, so I have the utmost respect to those that came before me and fought for my basic human rights. It’s because of them I stand here today as the Founder and CEO of a thriving venture backed technology company."

Lewis sees his role as more than just leading a successful venture. He believes in the power of inspiration and the duty to pave the way for future generations. "I believe I have the responsibility, honor and privilege to create, build and grow something that will inspire others not only today but those that will follow tomorrow."

One of the core values at Gig Wage, "Stand in YOUR Greatness," resonates strongly with the spirit of Juneteenth. Lewis adds, "That’s exactly what Juneteenth is all about. Ad Astra."

As we celebrate this significant day, let's reflect on the progress made and the trailblazing work still ahead.

Happy Juneteenth,
The Gig Wage Team