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Gig Wage Partners with Yardstik: GigForce Management Adds a Revolutionary Trust & Safety Offering

October 10, 2023

Prevent bad actors from joining your platform and keep customers safe.

Gig Wage, a pioneer in GigForce Management powered by Instant Payments, is proud to announce its alliance with Yardstik, the gold standard of Trust & Safety platforms.

Why does this partnership matter? Why now?

Consider this: every day, countless transactions occur between consumers and gig workers. From the driver who delivers your packages to the freelance writer crafting content for businesses, or the online tutor helping students across the globe.

They're everywhere, influencing our daily lives, making our routines smoother, and fueling the gig economy. But who are they? Can we trust them?

This is not just about safety; it's about cementing trust. It's about creating a framework where businesses can thrive alongside gig workers, building mutual respect and assurance.

Kristen Blum, VP of Strategic Initiatives at Gig Wage, breaks it down:

"Integrating with Yardstik is not a mere business move. It’s a statement. A pact. We are telling our clients that we don't compromise on safety, and neither should they. Together, we aim to make the gig hiring landscape straightforward, yet robust; quick, yet thorough."

Services you didn’t know you needed, now within reach at Gig Wage:

  • Transparent Identity Verification: Know who you're hiring.
  • Extensive Background Screening: Leave no stone unturned.
  • Proactive Continuous Monitoring: Stay updated, always.
  • Deep Social Media Screening: Understand their digital footprints.
  • Reliable MVR Checks: Ensure they're fit for the road.
  • Rigorous Drug Screening: Uphold workplace standards.

Why this alliance is a game changer

The gig economy is not the future; it's the present. It's a vast, intricate web of talents and services. And in this sprawling ecosystem, trust is the glue that binds businesses and gig workers.

Yardstik brings its unparalleled expertise in Trust & Safety, streamlining the often-turbulent waters of the hiring process. Combined with Gig Wage’s deep understanding of the gig economy's talent engagement, the result is an alliance that’s greater than the sum of its parts.

Anthony Ostrowski, Yardstik’s VP of Revenue, says:

"We recognize the challenges and opportunities in the gig world. Our tools are crafted not as mere additions but as necessities. Gig Wage and Yardstik aren’t just setting trends; we're establishing benchmarks."

Read Yardstik's official announcement

Now, think about this: What if you could hire faster, safer, and more efficiently without wading through redundant processes? What if you had a partner that anticipated pitfalls, offered solutions, and ensured that every gig hire added value to your business?

That's what this partnership brings to the table. A seamless blend of speed, efficiency, and thoroughness. With our combined expertise, businesses can confidently navigate the gig economy, backed by a powerhouse of tools and strategy.

Trust and safety aren't mere checkboxes on a list; they're the foundation of a thriving business in the gig world. With Gig Wage and Yardstik’s unparalleled tools, every decision is informed, every hire is strategic, and every risk is calculated.

Intrigued? Ready to elevate your gigforce management strategy? Dive deeper into the promise of Gig Wage and Yardstik:

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