Gig Wage is building the financial infrastructure for the 1099 gig economy.



We are driven by the simple idea that anyone who puts in an honest day's work deserves a chance to move ahead in life.

The contractor workforce is and has been overlooked. Historically, companies have treated 1099 contractors as an afterthought. However, with the explosion of the gig economy, this business practice is no longer viable in order to remain competitive with an on-demand workforce.

Gig Wage believes businesses should have dedicated technology, strategies, and processes to pay, manage, and support their independent contractor workforce.

For the gig economy to grow and thrive, gig workers must have access to health benefits, tax services, retirement services, credit, FSA/HSA, and insurance. As we build the social safety net for 1099 workers, we seek to partner with those who share the same vision around the future of work.

Making this vision a reality starts with economic empowerment and ensuring money flows through the gig economy efficiently.

Let's get started.